As salespeople we spend a lot of time developing, implementing and then following clear and repeatable sales processes. We adjust and refine but for the most part we know that a focussed and disciplined approach to sales activities will generate results.

Unfortunately – when it comes to the topic of resolving client issues, we typically don’t have that same clear framework. In most cases it’s a completely unstructured and reactive approach which can see the salesperson scrambling to calm an agitated client and dealing with the stress and loss of focus that comes along with it.

As media salespeople we should be doing everything in our power to mitigate, pre-empt and proactively avoid client issues; but the reality is, despite our best efforts, client issues are inevitable.

Media salespeople who acknowledge this is a fact of life and focus on creating a clear and structured approach to how they resolve client issues are the ones who consistently rise to the top of the industry.

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Datuk Jake Adbullah, Based in Kuala Lumpur Datuk is the CEO of Pyjama Media. A 20-year veteran of the media and marketing space Datuk has held roles leading large international broadcasters, digital, media and marketing agencies and help director and chairman roles on various industry boards.

As we near the end of Season 3 of the podcast we are going back and revisiting some of the most commonly raised issues from the audience over the past 6 months.

We hear from industry experts including Andrea Ingham, Greg Tremain, Jake Dunlap, Steve Smith & Adam Lang.

Adam Lang, Director of Relativity Media joins us to discuss the important topic of Building better business acumen.

Adam offers a definition of business acumen in the context of media sales, discusses the power of truly understanding a client’s category and trading environment; and ultimately why business acumen must always be underpinned by emotional intelligence and empathy.

Fear and Greed is a publication of Relativity Media – A daily business podcast designed to set you up for a successful day. For media salespeople looking to fast-track their understanding of domestic and international business (and the why behind the headlines)

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Steve Smith of Entertainment Strategy Group joins us once again to discuss this increasingly important topic.

We unpack the trend of more decision makers being involved in the average business purchase, the importance of understanding the purchase journey of a media solution once it’s been present and ultimately why this provides an opportunity to establish more connection points from your own business into clients business.

Steven also reflects on his observations of how large scale media and entertainment groups around the world have responded to and are bouncing back from COVID-19.

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Steve Smith (Co – Founder of Entertainment Strategy Group)
Steve Smith is a leading entertainment executive with over 25 years of experience managing large scale Media and Entertainment organisations, delivering strong business growth in challenging markets and restructuring organisations to deliver major profit growth.

Recently as a contracted consultant Steve worked with CEO and Board at a major media operator in Singapore helping them create and implement their “transmission to digital” strategy.
Steve Smith was appointed COO at the Arabian Radio Network (ARN) in August 2008, leading a team of over 350 full and part-time presenters, event managers, producers, journalists, sales, marketing, finance and digital executives working across 18 media brands.

During his nine year tenure he led the launch of new digital businesses in partnership with national telco providers while restructuring the sales, marketing and content divisions of the media network and closing under-performing assets to launch new and innovative digital products that reflect the changing media landscape to prepare the business for the next decade.

Steve is a driver who believes in the core value of integrity, delivering real results for business partners and clients through a strategic view of the market. He was the face of ARN in Dubai and through his role leading ARN, he invested in the development of a market changing radio audience measurement system, built on a foundation of openness by commissioning PWC to oversee the process.

Prior to his time in Dubai, Smith led the development of the Australian Radio Networks Melbourne team, as General Manager for five years, bringing his unique passion for the media industry and drive to his hometown market, while achieving record ratings and revenue results.

During his career, Smith also held a leading role at Warner Music, heading up the sales and marketing division of the label and gaining competitor advantage by his acute understanding of the online and digital world.

Steve continues to bring his wealth of experience to media owners throughout South East Asia, India, UAE and the USA.

In this episode, we speak with Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled about the critical skill of Getting the Appointment.

Jake provides some expert advice on how to bypass the gatekeeper, engage an EA to schedule time in a prospects calendar, and what to do once the prospect is on the phone.

We also discuss the role of scripts and structuring a tailored VBR for each call, the importance of verbal tone and pace; and ultimately why mastering the cold call requires you to suck first.

About Jake

Jake Dunlap consistently designs repeatable, sustainable sales models and processes that outperform industry standards. As the Founder + CEO of Skaled, Jake helps executives around the world accelerate business growth with data-backed sales solutions. Before building Skaled, he held the roles of VP of Sales at Nowait (acquired by Yelp), Head of Sales + Customer Success at Chartbeat, and VP of Sales at Glassdoor (acquired by Recruit Holdings for $1.2 billion dollars in 2018).

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About Skaled –
Skaled is a specialist Sales Consultancy that helps companies operationalize key aspects of their Sales organization. Along with a list of enterprise clients Skaled has amassed in a few short years (The New York Jets, LinkedIn, Insightly, ADP, and Microsoft), the majority of our clients are Startups and Mid-Level businesses looking for accelerated growth with a scalable and sustainable path forward. We bring strategic and tactical talent to every engagement, driven by results and 100+ hours of leadership experience.

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In this episode we speak with Greg Tremain of Partnership Solutions on the topic of Target Client Identification. We cover how your existing revenues can unearth insights around ideal client profiles, why a target client doesn’t necessarily need to be a new client and ultimately why capacity to grow should form part of the key criteria for any target client.

The reality of Media Sales is that we operate within a competitive marketplace where finite revenue opportunity is heavily contested by multiple outlets. Andrea Ingham joins us to discuss the topic of Beating the Competition.

We cover off the fundamentals of competitive analysis, how to uncover unique differentiators in the pursuit of a competitive edge, why to focus on the business you are winning (instead of losing); and ultimately why a relentless focus on data, accountability and ROI is central to success regardless of the competitive-set.

We revisit some of the most universal issues encountered by Media Salespeople in the first 5 years.

Listen as our range of industry experts provide practical tips and advice for how to overcome the range of issues that are too taboo to raise directly with a sales manager!

Experts Include:

  • Alex Whitlock of Momentum Media
  • Janelle Shinners of Ikon Communications
  • Richard Wentworth-Ping of Wentworth People
  • Josh Busteed of Arabian Radio Network

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Wade Kingsley of The Ideas Business joins to cover off this very important topic.

As media salespeople we need to constantly bring fresh and innovative concepts to our clients and agency partners. Although we can all recognise a good idea when we see one, the ability to actually sell an idea is its own unique skillset which requires time and patience to master.

Wade covers off the most common barriers to correctly articulating an idea to a client, how to define creative parameters on a brief, why the story of how you arrived at the idea is equally as important as the idea itself; and ultimately why the “challenge” and “approach” must be agreed to before an idea can be shared.

Audio Quality: recorded remotely during COVID-19 lockdown

What do we do when our livelihood depends on our ability to sell media without ever having set foot in the same room as our clients?

Emilie Davis of Linkedin joins us to discus this vital topic of selling media while working remotely.

We discuss best practice methodologies that Emilie has observed from media organisations she works with, the importance of engaging clients via their preferred communication channels, how to build rapport, meaningful touchpoints and differentiation when engaging your clients electronically and ultimately why an omnichannel approach to Media Sales delivers better outcomes irrespective of COVID restrictions.

Audio Quality: recorded remotely during COVID-19 lockdown

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