In Media Sales we invest a lot of time in learning our products. We pour through sales collateral and product training sessions, learn the processes and systems to get a campaign live, have a deep knowledge of the different pieces of inventory at our disposal, review the rate cards, seek out the differentiators that make our products superior to our competitors and so on.

Whilst a deep product knowledge is extremely advantageous in our profession, a common trap that we can fall into is over-estimating just how important this information is to our clients.

Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule, Media Sales at its core is about connecting an advertiser’s brand with your audience in a way that makes perfect sense; mostly in the pursuit of growing the client’s brand & business.

Our returning guest today is Adam Hickey; a career agency leader, most recently Adam was the Agency Director of Ikon Brisbane.

Adam’s experience working agency side offers an interesting perspective – not only by sharing insight into what brands and marketers are seeking; but also from dealing first hand with Media Sales Professionals across multiple publishers.

The Pitch!

Whether it’s pitching a multi-million broadcast dollar agreement to a boardroom of various stakeholders or presenting to a small business owner at a café – Pitching your solution correctly is a critical step in the media sales process.

Adam Furness, MD of Impact, Asia Pacific, joins as our expert guest.

Adam covers off a number of best practice pitching frameworks, the importance of preparation and ultimately why a true pitch isn’t just limited to a single presentation.

In this episode we re-broadcast Jamie’s keynote speech from Radiodays Asia titled “Digital Media Sales Mastery: Nailing the integrated sell”.

Whilst delivered to a radio industry event, the approach and practices are very easily translated to any traditional publisher looking to better commercialise their digital assets.

We also tackle a listener submitted question and give a sneak peak into some upcoming episodes.

Michelle Pitt of Realizer joins us to discuss this important topic.

You could have the best client relationship, product, audience, solution, or price in the market – but if your proposal fails to capture and articulate this story correctly, you will likely not secure the deal.

In this episode we unpack the elements of best practice sales proposals including length, structure, content and customisation. Michelle discusses common pitfalls of sales proposals and how they can be corrected, and ultimately, why a “less is more” approach to sales proposals is the key to increasing their effectiveness.

Mary Grothe – CEO of House of Revenue joins from Denver, Colorado.

We unpack the topic of Solution-sales and how it has evolved, where it needs to be adapted to fit the new trading environment, what fundamentals remain unchanged; and ultimately why an evolving marketplace requires a continual shift in selling styles and approaches.

Strategy Consultant / Trainer Julian Cole joins us once again to cover off this important topic.

In Media Sales, particularly within the agency side of media sales, a brief represents the first critical stage in a potential revenue opportunity.

The ability to review a brief thoughtfully, to understand, to extract key pieces of information and then translate that brief into your own media solution is a critical skillset. It takes time and practice to develop but pays massive dividends when done right.

In this episode we speak to Greg Tremain of Partnership Solutions around best practice commercialisation of Sponsorship Opportunities.

Despite “sponsorship” being something of a catch-all term for many different offerings, the challenges of selling sponsorship opportunities remain fundamentally the same. Defining what the opportunity actually is and the value it offers an advertiser. Creating tangible inventory which can carry the clients brand and message. Offering opportunities for deeper integration and leverage in way that doesn’t disrupt the audience experience; and most importantly, driving some form of agreed result or commercial return.

As salespeople we spend a lot of time developing, implementing and then following clear and repeatable sales processes. We adjust and refine but for the most part we know that a focussed and disciplined approach to sales activities will generate results.

Unfortunately – when it comes to the topic of resolving client issues, we typically don’t have that same clear framework. In most cases it’s a completely unstructured and reactive approach which can see the salesperson scrambling to calm an agitated client and dealing with the stress and loss of focus that comes along with it.

As media salespeople we should be doing everything in our power to mitigate, pre-empt and proactively avoid client issues; but the reality is, despite our best efforts, client issues are inevitable.

Media salespeople who acknowledge this is a fact of life and focus on creating a clear and structured approach to how they resolve client issues are the ones who consistently rise to the top of the industry.

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Datuk Jake Adbullah, Based in Kuala Lumpur Datuk is the CEO of Pyjama Media. A 20-year veteran of the media and marketing space Datuk has held roles leading large international broadcasters, digital, media and marketing agencies and help director and chairman roles on various industry boards.

As we near the end of Season 3 of the podcast we are going back and revisiting some of the most commonly raised issues from the audience over the past 6 months.

We hear from industry experts including Andrea Ingham, Greg Tremain, Jake Dunlap, Steve Smith & Adam Lang.

Adam Lang, Director of Relativity Media joins us to discuss the important topic of Building better business acumen.

Adam offers a definition of business acumen in the context of media sales, discusses the power of truly understanding a client’s category and trading environment; and ultimately why business acumen must always be underpinned by emotional intelligence and empathy.

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