In this episode we are speaking creativity and idea generation with Terry Webb; an Adelaide based career media creative. Terry draws on his extensive experience across television presenting, comedy writing, content production, creative event design and commercial solutions. Terry shares his view on setting a brainstorm up for success, managing different stakeholders in the creative process and why linking creative solutions back to client outcomes is vitally important.

Recorded by Stevie-Leigh Batiste at SoundsLikeButter
Edited, Hosted and produced by Joanne Helder
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In this episode we speak with Bradford Power, Owner & Director of “Switch on your sales” an international training organisation. Brad is a presentation skills trainer, in-demand corporate presenter and international keynote speaker.

In this episode we discuss some of the reasons why even confident and experienced salespeople are still intimidated by presenting. We cover off the importance of authenticity, adapting styles based on different scenarios and ultimately how to present in order to persuade.

In this episode we speak with Janelle Shinners, Business Strategy Director at Ikon Communications. We unpack the vital role of audience insights within the media sales process; outline the difference between data, observations and true insight; and also discuss how a quality insight can assist a media salesperson to formulate and validate a solution. Finally, Janelle provides suggestions for instantly applicable techniques that can support the generation of better insights; even with scarce resources.

In this episode we speak with Steve Smith, co-founder and Director of Entertainment Strategy Group, an international media and entertainment consultancy. Steve draws upon his extensive international leadership experience and provides examples of best practice from his previous position as Chief Operating Officer of the Arabian Radio Network; one of the leading broadcast and digital media companies in the Middle East. Ultimately this episode equips media salespeople with techniques to quickly familiarise themselves with their product mix so they can represent it in market with clarity and confidence.