In Media Sales we invest a lot of time in learning our products. We pour through sales collateral and product training sessions, learn the processes and systems to get a campaign live, have a deep knowledge of the different pieces of inventory at our disposal, review the rate cards, seek out the differentiators that make our products superior to our competitors and so on.

Whilst a deep product knowledge is extremely advantageous in our profession, a common trap that we can fall into is over-estimating just how important this information is to our clients.

Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule, Media Sales at its core is about connecting an advertiser’s brand with your audience in a way that makes perfect sense; mostly in the pursuit of growing the client’s brand & business.

Our returning guest today is Adam Hickey; a career agency leader, most recently Adam was the Agency Director of Ikon Brisbane.

Adam’s experience working agency side offers an interesting perspective – not only by sharing insight into what brands and marketers are seeking; but also from dealing first hand with Media Sales Professionals across multiple publishers.

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