As salespeople we spend a lot of time developing, implementing and then following clear and repeatable sales processes. We adjust and refine but for the most part we know that a focussed and disciplined approach to sales activities will generate results.

Unfortunately – when it comes to the topic of resolving client issues, we typically don’t have that same clear framework. In most cases it’s a completely unstructured and reactive approach which can see the salesperson scrambling to calm an agitated client and dealing with the stress and loss of focus that comes along with it.

As media salespeople we should be doing everything in our power to mitigate, pre-empt and proactively avoid client issues; but the reality is, despite our best efforts, client issues are inevitable.

Media salespeople who acknowledge this is a fact of life and focus on creating a clear and structured approach to how they resolve client issues are the ones who consistently rise to the top of the industry.

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Datuk Jake Adbullah, Based in Kuala Lumpur Datuk is the CEO of Pyjama Media. A 20-year veteran of the media and marketing space Datuk has held roles leading large international broadcasters, digital, media and marketing agencies and help director and chairman roles on various industry boards.