Wade Kingsley of The Ideas Business joins to cover off this very important topic.

As media salespeople we need to constantly bring fresh and innovative concepts to our clients and agency partners. Although we can all recognise a good idea when we see one, the ability to actually sell an idea is its own unique skillset which requires time and patience to master.

Wade covers off the most common barriers to correctly articulating an idea to a client, how to define creative parameters on a brief, why the story of how you arrived at the idea is equally as important as the idea itself; and ultimately why the “challenge” and “approach” must be agreed to before an idea can be shared.

Audio Quality: recorded remotely during COVID-19 lockdown

What do we do when our livelihood depends on our ability to sell media without ever having set foot in the same room as our clients?

Emilie Davis of Linkedin joins us to discus this vital topic of selling media while working remotely.

We discuss best practice methodologies that Emilie has observed from media organisations she works with, the importance of engaging clients via their preferred communication channels, how to build rapport, meaningful touchpoints and differentiation when engaging your clients electronically and ultimately why an omnichannel approach to Media Sales delivers better outcomes irrespective of COVID restrictions.

Audio Quality: recorded remotely during COVID-19 lockdown

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Richard Wentworth-Ping of Wentworth People joins us once again. We discuss the topic of “Getting the most from your support staff”. Richard covers off the importance of effective delegation in order to free salespeople up for revenue generating activities, Why setting expectations and managing to them is harder than you think and ultimately why accountability and ownership is absolutely critical when working with support staff.

We also cover off the importance of high leverage activities for Media Salespeople when working with support staff and why an early investment in time to build capability will continue to pay dividends over the long term.

Audio Quality: recorded remotely during COVID-19 lockdown.