Struggling with your revenue results, new business or client retention? Chances are you’ve stopped doing the brilliant basics well.

En-route to a media consultation assignment in Africa we’re joined by Ric Camilleri, Managing Director International at NRS Media and HoneyBadger.

Ric’s extensive experience in the global media consulting space underpins the subject matter for this very important topic “the brilliant basics of media sales”.

We cover off what the brilliant basics of media sales are irrespective of what market you operate in around the world. We identify why Media Salespeople are so easily distracted from these tasks and ultimately why the best performing Media Salespeople around the world drive extraordinary results from a relentless focus on doing the ordinary things well.

Ric can be contracted through his LinkedIn or visit his website

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For anyone looking up to their E.Q. in the agency sales arena this is the episode for you.

We’re joined by Adam Hickey, Agency Director of Ikon Communications Brisbane. The start of a much broader conversation around the agency & publisher dynamic; in this episode we specifically unpack 7 of the most frequently noted issues that agency staff encounter when interacting with Media Salespeople.

We cover off the philosophy that underpins an agencies success, how a misalignment in drivers and incentives can distract Media Salespeople from the common objective of client growth and ultimately why an awareness of “perception” vs “intent” is so vital to your professional reputation and quality of relationships.

Adam can be reached at LinkedIn

Edited, Hosted and Produced by Joanne Helder.

Music by Donyea Goodman at

Recorded on-site with voiceovers provided by Stevie-Leigh Batiste at Sounds Like Butter

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