Why are there seemingly endless blogs, podcasts, trade publications and websites for marketing and advertising professionals, yet almost nothing for Media Sales Professionals?

Media Sales Mastery exists to help you survive and thrive in the media sales industry.

In each episode we arm you with information, insights and instantly applicable techniques from some of the world’s leading media sales thought-leaders.

Media Strategy for Media Salespeople

We’re joined by Julian Cole, an Aussie based in LA working as an independent consultant for brands and agencies. Specialising in communications planning & strategy consulting, Julian is also the author the extremely popular “Planning Dirty” newsletter. Read More

Getting the most from your sales leader

International Media Consultant Cameron Plant joins us to discuss all things Sales Leadership. We cover off the core remit of a Media Sales Manager, common errors that a new Sales Manager can make and ultimately what the pros and cons are of progressing from a Media Sales role into a Sales Management position. Read More

Creating Killer Sales Proposals

In this episode we speak with Jose “Caya” Cayasso, CEO of Slidebean on the topic of Creating Killer Sales Proposals. We cover off the common traps and pitfalls that salespeople encounter when building a deck, The importance of social proof and storytelling in sales proposals, and ultimately why less information and simple structures are the key to persuasion. Read More

Contract Negotiation Masterclass

In the weeks episode we conduct our first Masterclass on Contract Negotiation. We are joined by Gavin McInnes and Liam Loan-Lack; both experienced commercial negotiators and experts on best practice contract negotiation. We cover off the fundamentals of a good negotiation, explore the approach required to reach an agreement when certain terms or provisions are contentious and ultimately why it’s important to negotiate with the view that you’ll be doing long-term business with the other party. Read More

Campaign failed, now what?

So you’ve just sold a media campaign that has failed to meet the clients expectations. Why did this happen? What can you do to rescue it? How do you ensure this is avoided in the future? Episode guest is David Hefter of Hefter Consulting www.hefterconsulting.com.au who joins us fresh from a media consulting assignment in Ethiopia. Read More

Overcoming Organisational Politics

In this episode we cover off the important topic of Overcoming Organisational Politics; both within our own businesses and within the companies we are selling into. Our guest Richard Wentworth Ping of Wentworth People provides an overview of the techniques required to resolve workplace conflict, hold internal stakeholders accountable and ultimately how to gain buy-in from key decision makers in the selling and buying process. Read More

Packaging Your Inventory

In this episode we speak with Jo Gierke, Regional Director for USA & Canada at Boost Media. Jo covers off the importance of putting the client at the centre your product strategy, Best practice for leveraging your entire asset base to create a strong value proposition and ultimately why a diverse product mix offers a greater opportunity to serve clients. Read More

Creativity and idea generation

In this episode we are speaking creativity and idea generation with Terry Webb; an Adelaide based career media creative. Terry draws on his extensive experience across television presenting, comedy writing, content production, creative event design and commercial solutions. Terry shares his view on setting a brainstorm up for success, managing different stakeholders in the creative process and why linking creative solutions back to client outcomes is vitally important. Read More

Pitching & Presenting

In this episode we speak with Bradford Power, Owner & Director of “Switch on your sales” an international training organisation. Brad is a presentation skills trainer, in-demand corporate presenter and international keynote speaker. In this episode we discuss some of the reasons why even confident and experienced salespeople are still intimidated by presenting. We cover off the importance of authenticity, adapting styles based on different scenarios and ultimately how to present in order to persuade. Read More